September 10, 2009

Jamaica and its "No Problem Tourism"

Jamaica with 234 kilómetres in length and as much as 80 kilómetres in width, amounting to 11,100 km2. It is situated in the Caribbean Sea, having a population of 2.800.000 people.

This island has developed an unsustainable tourism, buy why?. it is possible to explain that in some points. First, they are internationals resort (The owners are usually Europeans or Americans) everywhere, some people can think that this is not bad, because they are giving job at the population, but what kind of jobs?. Usually the salaries are low and the money that the hotel makes it is not spent or invested in Jamaica but rather in the countries of the owners of the hotels, using naturals resources and leaving the country in the same level of development.
But the problem it is not just the hotels, the Government has allowed at Indians and Chinese to invest in the country this is not bad, because they help to improve the economy, but the problem is produced when more than 40 % of the Craft stores and supermarkets are not Jamaican.
These points have produced that the quality of life of the Jamaican population has decreased and actually the level of security is very low. Drogues is a very big problem, It's normal to see people offering at the tourist everywhere, and it's usuall that people annoys tourist looking for a tip.
Despite of these problems Jamaica is a beautiful country with an interesting culture and incredible beaches but at the same time is an example of unsustainable tourism development.
I think that maybe it's impossible to change the way of tourism in Jamaica but I think that the Government has to try to do something to improve the population's quality of life and not just to think that development is to make grow the economy, making at the poorest to live a worse life.

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